Bellingham Alive!

I created this website in 2010 for a local magazine who's current web offering was not meeting the high standard set by the print version of the magazine. It was created using Drupal, with some custom PHP, to allow for easy content creation and editing by the editorial staff. The website was once located here:, but now redirects to with a new design.

The website consists of articles from the magazines seperated into six main catagories with any number of subcategories under each. A listing of the articles can be found under each category with a feature article promoted to the top. JavaScript is used to animate some of the featured categories on the main page as well as the navigation.

A search box on the left hand side of each page makes it easy for visitors to find current and archived articles

Some of the custom non-Drupal code that was created included a form where customers could subscribe and pay for a print version of the magazine.