Blue Sea Systems' Website

I have been working on and improving the Blue Sea Systems website since my employment there in 2011. The site is built with PHP on top of a PostgreSQL database.

When browsing through the product categories filtering options on the left help easily and quickly locate the product that best fits their needs, a compare feature lets customers compare similar products side by side.

Each product page is populated with detailed information, listing relevant product documents or companion products.

A custom built eCommerce solution specially tailored to the needs of the business, collecting sales tax and sending orders directly to the company's ERP system.

A dealer locator built with the Google maps API, allowing customers to easily locate wholesale or retail locations near them. Integrated with the company's ERP system to give accurate locations with stocked product.

To reduce tech support calls an online form was created to capture customer questions, when those questions where answered they were added to our online knowledge base. When future customers asked similar questions the knowledge base would be queried to give immediate answers.